Let it Be, We’re Gonna Be Just Fine

“As long as you are responsible, you will always be ready for anything”…

How did I say that? Thanks to @ardhityatama for the random conversation and ended up without conclusion but, ‘let it be’.

We’re talking about how can we be ready for something that will come up in our life? We don’t know. What’s my answer? Let it be.

Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be ~ The Beatles (Let it Be)

This song seems describe sort of the conclusion of our conversation. Whatever is going to happen, will happen in the end. Are we ready or not? Just let them be, let the situation be. Sometimes we can’t get ourself too hard for something. Though we have to let everything be, but having some planning for our future is also considerable. Just don’t get lost our path.

“I still can’t imagine how I will face the time when we’re getting older. How do I’ll look like when I’m turning into a father, become an old man? How will I behave to my children? Will I stay remain as ignorant person like I am now? Do we have to move this soon from what we’re having fun with right now? I’m still not willing to. I have no idea”

“Same here. You know what? We can’t get enough with this topic. Hahaha. Whatever will be, will be. Do I want to leave all of the fun this soon? No. But we can’t avoid it. We won’t stay the same, we won’t stay remain talking about girls and stuffs, talking about how our college life, talking about everything that we deal for our age now. We will advance ourself…. Here’s what I’m thinking and I imagine. Will I still talking to you, talking with my good pals, later when we’re older? We’ll talk about how’s your marriage, how’s mine, how’s our friend’s. We’ll talk about how’s your family, how’s mine, how’s our friend’s. We’ll talk about how’s our job, our carrier. We’ll talk about thousand new things in life. The question is, will I still talk about those things with you? with the others? with our good pals that we have now? Will we still end up hang out together with our friends for several times within a month? Who knows? For me, I really do hope, yes we will, but still, I don’t know. Family and friends are the best combination for life. Old is the age, young is the soul. No matter how mature we will be, we’ll always have our childish side, or in case, our rock and roll side. That’s what matter, I guess hahaha”

“Yeah. And maybe we’ll gather with our own family, or maybe me with my wife and my kids, and our other friends and also with their family will hang out at your home, having lunch or dinner, or whatever that will be. That sounds so cool for me. Hahaha. I just don’t know how we can move from one season of life to another. For now, I still want to stuck here. Hahaha”

“Hahaha. We’re 22 now. We’re talking too much. Hahahaha. For now, you still want to stuck with the situation of you playing and fooling around. Heck yeah that is fun. I bet three years later, you’ll change your mind and face the truth. This is the process that everyone can’t avoid. We’ll miss the past. That’s why time machine will be very awesome. Haha. But you’ll thank that there are still pictures that you can look at which can take us travel back in time, in memories. Likely. Haha.”

Well, actually my favorite songs about getting older are still ‘Stop This Train’ from John Mayer and ‘Landslide’ from Dixie Chicks. Try to listen to those songs, read the lyrics. So deep, so meaningful.

Here’s quote I took from a song titled ‘Would You be Happier’ performed by The Corrs.

You’re gonna be just fine
I think you’re gonna be just fine
You’re gonna be just fine
So don’t worry baby
You’re racing for tomorrow, not finished with today ~ The Corrs (Would You be Happier)

We will never know. Only God knows, and maybe some psychic and kind of fortune teller or people that have sixth-sense of the future know. Why worry? Because it’s natural. Sometimes we think too hard about the future, and we forget the present waves his hand yelling ‘heeey, we’re heeeere!’

Are we afraid for the future? Are we afraid of changing? Maybe. I don’t know. Actually this is something that you will never get end with. Asking ourself, will we be ready for something new? New phases in life? Then I answer, when the time comes, we will be ready as the time tell us to. As long as you are responsible, you will always be ready for anything. Too much heaven in my words? Maybe. 🙂


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