The Clock is Always Ticking, Buddy…

‘Waiting is a trap, but there will always be reasons to wait’ ~ Dr. Robert Anthony

So, where did I get the quote? Actually this post is pretty inspired by one of my best pal, @wilyalfi. Currently he’s dealing with ‘waiting’ issue right now. He also read book titled ‘Life Traveler’, and it says ‘It’s about the journey, not the destination or time to stop. Reasons simply don’t count it’. Yeah. I know. That also goes with waiting. I said to him, “As long as you’re fine and enjoy the process of waiting, then it’s still worth to wait, I guess.”

Maybe. Just maybe. Everyone has one of the same issues about waiting. We all wait for something. What is different is what we’re waiting for. And each of everyone has their own point of view to say whether that is worth to wait or not. One person is maybe waiting for something silly in another person’s sight, vice versa.

Someone is waiting for a television program to be aired. Someone is waiting for his idol to release a new album. Someone is waiting to be picked up. Someone is waiting for the delivery service of  her online shop deals. Someone is waiting for a plane in the airport. Someone is waiting for the graduation. Someone is waiting for the announcement of his job application. Someone can wait for anything.

Someone is waiting for his soulmate of life. Someone is waiting for love. Someone is waiting for his heart to move on from a broken heart. Someone is waiting for the end of war. Someone is waiting for a better life. Someone is waiting for his own joy after seasons of tears. Someone is waiting for smiley faces, happy life. Someone is waiting for the world to change (a quote from John Mayer).

And maybe, somewhere out there someone is waiting for us…

“Are we we are, are we we are the waiting?” ~ Green Day (Are We Waiting)

Sometimes we just look at the sky and wondering what is really out there. We’re lost sometimes in patience, and we wait for something, unknown.

“Ooooo we used to wait
Sometimes it never came
Ooooo we used to wait
Still moving through the pain” ~ Arcade Fire (We Used to Wait)

We’re waiting for something. Sometimes the others tell us to stop. We ask our self ‘Is it worth to wait?’ …  ‘How long do I have to wait for this?’ … ‘If I stop right now, if I give up, will I regret later?’ … I don’t know. In the end, waiting can be a very personal feeling in this case.

“I hate waiting”

“Then don’t”

“How come?”

“You may wait. But don’t waste your time. While you stay remain, the clock will still always ticking.”

“But I still want to wait”

“It’s okay. Wait for it then. Just don’t forget to stop. What did you say about universe?”

“Yeah, the universe will give signs. Whatever and how the signs will be, I don’t know either”

“So I can only support your decision about waiting. Don’t forget, maybe the universe may give you a sign to continue, but it may also gives you a sign to stop. I’ll never know. You’re the one who know.”

Yeah right. In the art of waiting, just enjoy the process. It will be worth to wait.

ps: dear @wilyalfi , thanks for the inspiration of this ‘waiting’ topic.

I still remember when the first time you told me and @ardhityatama about your whole epic drama story of waiting when we hung out at A&W Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi. All I can say is, send our regards when you finally meet her, the beautiful (in your perspective, of course) stranger of lady rawangmangun. No matter how the situation later, it will be worth to wait, whether she welcomes you or ignores you, that will be the answer of your waiting. The gate for the next step, huh? Hahaha. If you’re tired of waiting and decide to stop, maybe someday you’ll meet her in the more surprising way. Goodluck 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Clock is Always Ticking, Buddy…

  1. Well, this whole “waiting” issue has been in my mind for so long. I also have write bout it. And my conclusion is, “menunggu adalah hakekat setiap manusia” :))

  2. ‘It’s about the journey, not the destination’ ah saya terharu sekali..thanks for any support and remind me about ‘time to stop’.hahaha

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