Beautiful Day In The Middle of Three Days Bed Rest

Actually this is my third day of bedrest at home due to my illness after had a trip to Blora-Cepu. Damn it. It looks like I couldn’t stand living in a small peripheral town. Haha.

So, I’ve been spending these three days, literally, laying on bed, watching paid subscription channels on television, and playing computer. Oh, busy days, busy days. Yeah right. Haha. I found it kind of interesting to get lazy one or couple of days, but at the third day, this is getting ridiculous because I wanna go out but I’m still dizzy and not feeling really well. So, I watch TV again. Repetition.

I have several favourite programs on my list. I watched the re-run of Friends serial on Warner TV. Oh my God I love this serial sooooo much. It reminds me of my junior high school time when I watched that Joey-Chandler-Ross-Monica-Rachel-Phoebe craziness haha. And then, Starworld as one of my favourite channel also provides many TV programs I can enjoy, from Junior Masterchef Australlia Season 2 (damn kids these days, they can cook so damn good), How I Met Your Mother Season 7 (this one is also hilarious), New Girl (Yes, it’s the super awesome Zooey Deschanel as Jess), Glee Season 3 (getting tenser and dramatic, yet silly haha), and more and more. Besides, I also watched lot of movies from HBO and Fox Premium. I also enjoy watching National Geographic and ESPN or Starsports, or maybe AXN, Fox network, Channel V, and…. yeah, I watch them all. This is so unhealthy. Yes it is.

Anyway, I love watching singing contest, whether it’s The Voice 2 or American Idol 11 that’s airing currently. I can say that I’m pretty amazed by the talents for both of these two programs. I’m not rooting for anyone in the competition, I only love how they sing songs with their rendition. They sang one of my favourite song when I watched some of the episodes. It is Beautiful Day from U2. You should check this song if you don’t know. This song is so great. So great.

It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away
It’s a beautiful day

Touch me, take me to that other place
Reach me, I know I’m not a hopeless case

What you don’t have you don’t need it now
What you don’t know you can feel it somehow
What you don’t have you don’t need it now
Don’t need it nowIt was a beautiful day

~ U2 (Beautiful Day)

This song is released on 2000, that was when I was 10 and I already fell in love with this song when I listened to it as one of the soundtrack of WWE show. It became the soundtrack when the wrestlers were struggling for recovery after having bad injured, showing that ‘there will come beautiful day even after the worst thing happened’. I still remember it pretty well.

I still listen to this song whenever I feel down. I don’t know whether my interpretation is right or wrong but it has personal message to me. Whenever I listen to this song, somehow it’s telling me to get up after falling, to be grateful for life. It has optimistic message.

The lyric says, “You’re out of luck and the reason that you had to care. The traffic is stuck and you’re not moving anywhere”. also, “You’re on the road, but you’ve got no destination”… Yet, it should be still a beautiful day. It’s the matter of how you see it. It’s the matter of how strong you can handle the obstacles. Is there still any hope that you keep in mind and heart, to believe that it’s gonna be a beautiful day? Is it a beautiful day? Was it a beautiful day? Is it going to be? You decide.

I had kind of almost bad days last week. I’m staying in different town with my closest people right now. My parents and my close friends are staying in Jakarta currently. It’s been a while I haven’t seen them so that I’m missing them lately. But I have to be patient. There’s more than happy feeling when you meet your beloved persons after a long time not seeing each other. Beautiful day in the making? Gotta through the bad ones first I guess. Like an anonymous quote says, ‘sometimes you have to feel sad first to understand what happiness is’

There are days that I call bad days. I do hate when I reach my low moments. At the same time, I also can’t be one of a guy who soak up the sun cheerfully everyday, being an optimistic one every single time. I’m kind of realistic person. When it’s get rough, I’ll try to handle it. Sometimes I lose hope, but keep praying that beautiful day will always coming.


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