We Lose Ourselves in the Things We Love, We Find Ourselves There Too

Gain something, lose something else. Somehow it’s like the law of nature. Nothing last forever, indeed. They say do not miss anything that keeps you happy. But as soon as I grow up, there are things that hard for me to keep up with.

I will give a simple example. When I was a little kid, I told to myself that someday I will be a head director of a big toy company, just because I love to play with my toys, to play with my video games, and the idea popped out to make sure that I wouldn’t lose all the excitement that I get by playing with them. And then, what happened afterwards? I am slowly losing my time to play with my toys, even video games. What left remain is only my time to play mini games. Even I can’t promise to myself that maybe someday I will buy a new console and spend some of my time to play new RPG games as my favorite one. Deep down I still believe, that playing video games (esp. RPG) is still one of those things that keeps me happy. Maybe.

There are plenty of things that kinda lost from me. I used to enjoy playing video games for a whole day. I used to enjoy swimming every weekend. I used to enjoy fighting and exercising  in my martial arts club. I used to enjoy watching wrestling and even have some collection of  WWE PPV videos. I used to enjoy spending my time watching cartoons like Pokemon and Digimon and even have the complete videos of the series. I used to enjoy taking pictures of my surrounding with my camera. I used to enjoy spending my day to finish a book with hundreds of pages. I used to go to music store to buy plenty of cassettes or CD’s of my favorite artists. I used to do a lot of things. Maybe I haven’t lost everything of those things I mentioned above, but the feeling is different.

And then I remember the law of substitution. I never imagined when I was a kid that I would fell in love with research and academic things. I never imagined that I would like to spend my money for travelling. I never imagined that I would love to sing and spend my time  to make music, to arrange notes and lyrics, and to play it ridiculously. I never imagined that I would with a pleasure to spend my time writing silly things on my blog or twitter. And I never imagined many things that have happened in my life.

“We lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too” ~ Kristin Martz

However, whatever the situation is, no matter how old I am or I will be, I know the little kid inside of me is still there. Boys will be boys.

As time goes by, so many things to compromise, so many changes to deal with, cause the world keeps on turning, life keeps on going. There will be always new things ahead. Just be wise to choose which good to keep, and which better to be left behind. And be grateful for what you have now. Things, people, everything.

Clinging into situation which makes you comfortable can be a trap. Though chances & possibilities can be tempting & scary at the same time. Growing up is never easy. As the matter of fact, and one thing for sure, the clock is ticking, and it’s never been ticking to the left.



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