That Familiar Face

This post is pretty much a result of imagination based on a screwed thinking and simply inspired by an observation to my surroundings. This is just me playing with words. A sheet of lyric? A poet? A random writing? You name it.

Time passes by, minute to minute, day to day. So, maybe, I would only be a simple passerby on the street, just another face you see in a glimpse of a view, in the middle of people where all turn to be strangers to each other. The hardest thing is knowing that day will come, sooner or later.

I hopped on a train, I saw you standing right there, and the feeling is familiar. When you caught me staring, I was not so sure how to react, a simple smile would not cause any trouble, I guess. And I realized, I have seen that smile before. So, I am just tagging along this train as where it will take me to the place I want to go. When it reaches the stop, that is when we shall part to each of our own destination. Maybe you will get off first, or maybe it will be me, one of us will see that familiar back. I am not so sure that we are heading the same way. And I am not so sure how long this train goes and how much time left for us to be in the same carriage.

And then I opened my eyes. Do we share a reality? Or is it just my illusion? Maybe we are not riding the same train in the first place, maybe I saw you from another train, I saw that familiar face of the window.  Maybe we are in a parallel track, just waiting for the tracks to diverge if it is meant to be.

So, I would be another face on the street, just a simple passerby, you and I.


We might as well be strangers in another town
We might as well be living in a another time
We might as well be strangers
For all I know of you now ~ Keane


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